What if the future is not fixed? What if there is no such thing as “it’s meant to be” or destiny?

The thing about a predetermined future is that it allows you to remain at the effect of others and their choices. Essentially, it removes you from responsibility of your life. If that works for you, then please read no further. This article is not for you.

I have always thought of myself as a kind of scientist in my own life. I try different things to see what I can create. One of my observations was  that there were not too many happy people on this planet. Somehow I knew without a doubt that I was different. I could be happy. I knew it was somewhere inside of me. I just had to find out how to bring it out.

My experiments began by doing everything others told me were important; a good career, marriage, money, etc. by the age of 30 I had all of these. “Well that didn’t work”, I thought. I was so full of anxiety about getting it right and being perfect.  I travelled hoping that would fill the emptiness. Ultimately, I was the monk who gave away her Toyota and went to India for seven years to study with a meditation master. I had lots of questions looking for answers. Many intestinal infections and parasites later, I returned to Canada. My happiness quotient had definitely moved but just not enough.

Long story short, after much experimentation, I discovered the most simple key to happiness. I could choose it – AND – I could change A N Y T H I N G by asking a question. If you know that everything around us is made of molecules and molecules are energy and energy is mutable.

What if ask and you shall receive is that those molecules would like to give you everything you desire but you haven’t been asking? You have had the point of view that life happens to you and wonder why things aren’t changing. What if your point of view, what you think, your conclusions are what create your life? What if by asking a question, without any point of view, with the awe and wonder of a child,  you could change everything?

Would you be willing to conduct your own experiment today? Every time you find yourself going to conclude how things will be or what’s going on, ask questions instead, like “Universe will you show me how does it get better than this?” and “what’s right about this that I am not getting?”

Will you let me know how it goes? Feel free to post questions and have a discussion. I promise not to make you wrong. I will however ask you questions. I call myself a PQA, a Professional Question Asker.

I am so grateful that you are out there looking for ways to be happier. Thank you for you. ❤️

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