At two years short of 60, I have noticed several things going on in my body in this last year, things like, wrinkles and lines showing up, hair is growing where I wouldn’t necessarily have requested and leaving where I might have preferred :), gravity is pulling certain areas to the ground where they used to point to the sky – LOL!! And usually when I meet someone whose age exceeds mine by several years, I also get an earful about how decrepit their body is and how I certainly will follow along in those footsteps!!

ACK!! No wonder Art Linketter said what he said, and inspired the name of this conversation. “Old age is not for sissies!”.

Here is what I know.

My life, my body, my abilities, my confidence, my awareness, my courage – all grow exponentially every single day.

What if aging and that the body has to become decrepit with it, is all a big lie? What if we have a choice that we have never been taught we had?

Rather than buying into the lies of aging, what if we we are like fine wines, becoming more bold, smooth, velvety?

I have always known that I know something others do not on this topic.

I’m far from done. I’m only getting started!!!!! ⚡️✨

So that said, I thought that perhaps I might not be the only one who has come face-face with aging. I also realize that I might have a bit of a different point of view about aging than most people and might that different point of view be helpful to you?

Would you like to come explore and have a discussion on this timely topic?

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