I meet so many people who tell me they would love to be more creative but don’t think they are any good at it.

I wonder. What is creativity really? Is it the judgment that gets heaped on it when people look at the creation and say they like it or they don’t?

Or is it the very act of creating, being in the flow of life and living? Isn’t the very act of living creativity itself? Isn’t the creating itself simply a joy that you do, just for you? Just because it is just so much fun that not to create would be, well, just silly?

Wow, right???

So what if you could get completely OUT of judgement around what you create? What if you could create just for the joy of the flow of living? Hmm. Does that create more space in your life?

Yay Beautiful creative YOU!!!!!!
Clapping loudly over here…..(just in case you can’t hear me!!!) :)))))



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