So I was on this board for some time. And I would watch how reluctant board members would be to say anything controversial in case they would be judged by the others. Frequently I would be the one to speak up and of course, some members on the board did not like me because of that. It was fascinating to watch. I would often wonder what are we all doing here then if no one is willing to rock the boat?

What if being willing to shake things up can create some really great change? What if rocking the boat rocks??? Are you willing to have people not like you if you knew it could create something greater? The thing is yes, when we open our mouths, we take a chance that people are not going to like us, and will judge us.

How many times have you kept your mouth shut despite your awareness that speaking up was required for change? Does shutting up work for you? Hell no! It doesn’t for me either.

People are going to judge you no matter what you do. You can try to be as perfect as possible and they will still judge you. People can be mean! So what if you looked for the shining eyes that welcome your controversial words, the open minds that are visionary enough to lead the way to change?

Are you willing to take the risk to speak and have people not like you if you knew it could create something greater?

We are out there baby!!!!! You are not alone!

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