How often do you stop yourself from showing what you have created to others because you don’t want their negative judgment? I have been an artist my whole life but many, many years ago, an art teacher criticized my work and told me it wasn’t really good enough. I was 15 years old and those words stopped my creativity.

What if your creativity isn’t for those who will judge it, good or bad? What if creating is just for you? And if by chance that creation frees someone else up, then bonus.

Brené Brown posted a video “Why Your Critics Aren’t The Ones Who Count

Here is a quote from that video:
“I want to show up and be seen in my work and in my life. If you are going to show up and be seen, there is only one guarantee and that is you will get your ass kicked. That is the only certainty you have. So you have to decide at that moment, if courage is a value that you hold, this is a consequence. You can’t avoid it.

If you are not in the arena also not getting your ass kicked, I am not interested in getting your feedback.

When you are amour up against vulnerability you shut yourself off from everything that you do and that you love.

Without vulnerability, you cannot create.” ~ Brené Brown

So here is to vulnerability, to showing up even when those of you will criticize me, judge me, think me too much, or not enough. I no longer allow that to stop me from the vulnerability of my creations. But if you are going to criticize then at least have the courage to put yourself out there too.

(original photography by T.A. Gelfand)


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