So recently, someone in a Facebook group I am in asked, “What if your past is actually a contribution towards your future based on your choices and experiences and by sharing those experiences it will make a difference to others?”

True choice is creating now for the future you are creating towards. It is free from projections and expectations that create separation and then rejection of another or of you. You can learn from a choice (choice creates awareness) that either worked well for you or didn’t work well for you, without eliminating your awareness of all future possibilities available now and in the future.

When a choice is coloured by the past you are being influenced by what happened before instead of being aware and asking the Universe for all possibilities. Ask and you shall receive is completely free from the past.

Absolutely sharing those experiences with others is a way to be a contribution to them! It is all about the energy that you be while sharing it. Are you free from the past or there still an energy sticking you?

Ahhh, that’s the question.

By the way, Gary just so happens to be offering a tele series on this topic at the end of the month.

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