Here’s the thing pork chops. I know how much most of us just would like to be appreciated, acknowledged, validated, etc. and so in search of that, you might eat all the food on your plate to please your mom, but then the diet books say to watch your calories, or you might buy that coat that your husband said looks so good on you, your friends say they don’t like it and even though you don’t care for it at all, you buy it to please your husband, or you might go to that networking event because everyone you know told you it’s important to attend in order to grow your business.
You listen to everyone but yourself.
Essentially, you can twist yourself into a cute little pretzel with all its lovely knots trying to please everyone.
Ack! Right???
Or, you can stop – and breathe – and take a step into wild country.
That’s right. Wild country.
That’s where you say “thank you so much for sharing” to everyone trying to influence you, say “interesting point of view” to yourself and then ask yourself “what would work for me?”
I know, I know, risky territory. Why? Because inevitably someone isn’t going to like your choice. And this is where you get to choose.
You can choose continuing to try to please everyone (because that has worked out so well for you in the past, right? Not.) or you can start exploring what it means to please you.
Out there…..risky……brave….oh and….H A P P Y.
Just sayin’.
I adore you pork chops.

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