I remember a time when I thought that embracing the simplicity of life, sitting for hour and hour of meditation, doing yoga and pranayam breathing exercises, would create the blissful expansiveness I knew was available. And it did, to an extent anyway.

But it wasn’t enough.

I tried living in a cave. The thing about that, is it only works for as long as you live in the cave. Eventually you have to come out,  and when you do, you might buy stuff at the store from the ornery sales associate. You still interact with unhappy and often very stupid people. And believe me when I tell you, the bliss hisses into dissolution pretty damn quick.

I love the seekers of this world…the metaphysical keepers of the secrets of time. At least they are searching for something better. The thing is, if you stop searching because you think have found the answer, you kind of kick yourself in the metaphysical ass.

We keep trying to find a “one time always” solution that will be the one fix to all of it so we never ever have to solve it again. But the crazy thing about being present is that is a constant state of change. So even when you think you have nailed it, it changes into something else.

So what if it really is being present ten seconds at a time? I mean. Seriously Present.

Now. Here. Now.


And what if every molecule of this gorgeous planet and universe is trying to contribute to us and all we have to do is ask a question to receive it? Ask and you shall receive. But ask you must. (No, that wasn’t Yoda).

Ask a question, like, how does it get better than this? What else is possible? What’s right about this that I am not getting? Not questions that are conclusions of magnitude with questions marks on the end like, how could I be so stupid? That is not a question beauties.

What if chasing the bliss is really just about being willing to ask a question and then expand your awareness. More. More. More. Yes like that.

Now go interact with the ornery sales associate ,only this time, push your barriers down. Pull that judgment through you and stay. Do not run away. Stay.

Gratitude for you.




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