Stress Management Strategies For The Conscious Creative –

Are you devoted to consciousness and awareness but find yourself drowning in all the negativity waters?

There are so many angry and frustrated people out there these days; angry about their perceived lack of power they have to affect change, angry about their perceived lack of money, or perceived lack of things, or the shitty people in their lives or …….. fill in the blank.

I noticed that my husband I were watching a lot of news about the political situation here in Canada and the more I watched, the more angry and frustrated I was feeling and actually somewhat helpless to change it. I tweeted tons and tons of tweets hoping that others will read them, share them and that my tweets might actually change something.

But here is the thing.

The more I focus on what is wrong with what is going on in Canada, the more angry I feel, the more powerless I feel and the less likely it is to change. So rather get the relief via expression, I get more of the same.

Focusing on what is wrong doesn’t change anything.

OK shall I repeat that (for me, as well as for you…..)?

Focusing on what is wrong doesn’t change A N Y T H I N G.

So – where does that leave things?

What can I do or be different today to change the future right away? What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be the change that will create so much more than I could ever imagine beyond my wildest dreams?

What if it is really as simple as that?

I keep writing ‘be the change’ but that message is actually meant more for me than anyone else. If it inspires you to change something, that is awesome.But BEING the change is what I am asking of myself. How does it get any better than that?

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