When I first heard Gary talking about back doors I started to ask myself where am I not committing to my life? Where am I leaving myself an escape route, a back door?

I had plenty of them!!! I realized that everywhere I am leaving myself a way out, a back up plan, the “I can sell everything and move if it doesn’t work” is another way I am not fully committing myself to ANYTHING! Not to my business, not to my relationship, not to my friends and most especially, not even to me. Wow. Right?

I also didn’t get that when I would tell myself “this is just too frickin’ hard – it’s not “meant to be” was giving up on me. Quitting. Another back door escape route.


I wonder what will change now that I am committing fully to ALL of me, everywhere? No more escape routes. No more back doors. It’s me kittens and I am here now.


“How many reasons and justifications do you have for quitting? Never give up, never give in, never quit.”- Gary Douglas on Creative Edge of Consciousness Feb 2015


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