Here is what I have observed.

It’s the new year and mostly everyone who chooses to live with more conscious intention has set up goals and resolutions for the coming year. We tell ourselves we want to be more healthy, think better thoughts, make better choices. We say it’s really important to us to make these changes.

So for some time, perhaps a month, a week or a day, we enact these changes, whether it is cleaning up what we eat, going to the gym, thinking more positive thoughts, or embracing gratitude.

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to take nothing for granted…..a divorce or someone we love is dying or has passed. In those moments, our hearts and minds are wide open and we really step into appreciation for the delicate balance and graceful blessings of being alive.

We live in the moment. We become present.

And then the window closes….we forget. We get busy again with all the things we think we need to do, the things we think we need to buy. We clutter our lives with thoughts, things, activities, busyness. We get busy with things instead of life, instead of the just being in the moment and noticing the gift of that.

They say the whole purpose of forgetting is to remember. No matter what, there is always perfection in everything. Nothing wrong has happened or is happening. No mistakes have been made. Everything that happens is in service of our growth.

Lately I have been focusing on Esther and Jerry Hicks “Getting into the vortex” meditations, which is about living in gratitude for everything we have. When we live in gratitude, we enhance our vibrational frequency which allows more of the same positivity and thereby attract more of the same. What people don’t realize about the law of attraction is that when we focus on what we want, or do not yet have, we focus on lack and then wonder why we get more of the same.

So here is your challenge (me included!). I challenge all who are reading this blog to truly embrace, live in, remember, and focus on all the blessings you do have. Think of all the things that have gone right. Think of all the things that you might take for granted, whether it’s food on your plate, a roof over your head, a partner who loves you, or good health. Find something, anything, to be grateful for. Focus on that.

Take nothing for granted.

Live in compassion, for yourself and for the world around you.

I challenge you.

Written By Annie Gelfand
© Copyright 2011 Tammy Anne Gelfand.
All Rights Reserved.

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