My body loves bacon…….the fatty, salty, crispy, crunchiness as it melts in my mouth and says hello to my tongue.

What does your body know?-2

Back in 2001, I had been a strict vegetarian for about 15 years (vegan for almost 10). I was incredibly self righteous about it too, not only what I should eat, but judging the frick out anyone who wasn’t also a vegetarian. And surprise, surprise, they judged the frick out of me. (Hmmm…..I wonder, who did that all belong to?)

Trust me. It was not fun.

The constructs of what I thought it  was to be kind to animals, of what it was to be spiritual, meant to never eat anything with a mother,  And the people I was hanging out with at the time made anything but vegetarian so very, very wrong. And of course, I wanted their approval. (Yah, you’ve never done that, right?)

So can you imagine my horror when my body started craving bacon? I pushed it back. I denied it’s existence. I pretended to ignore it. I struggled with this for a whole year. Oh and hey, I am a type “A” blood tyoe so I am not supposed to eat meat.

Yah right.

And then I realized that I was not being kind to my sweet lil body. I was imposing restrictions and rules on it that it had no say on even though IT was the one eating. I had all these rules that had nothing to do with my body and everything to do with my thinking, my judgment.

So one day, I sat deep in meditation and had a chat with my body for the first time. And I started to ask it questions. I started to acknowledge that it had its own needs and desires. No wonder why it fought for its existence by giving me multiple sinus, broncial and ear infections. The body will speak to us in whispers but if we ignore it, it shoves us with a two by four. “Lady, listen to me! I have something to sat to you!!”

And it wasn’t only bacon my body wanted. It wanted thick, juicy BBQ’ed burgers and steaks and ribs and well, meat…meat of ANY kind. I couldn’t get enough ot if.

So now, I love bacon. I think bacon should be on everything.

I wonder…where are you ignoring the messages of your body? What does YOUR body know and what has it been trying to tell you that you have been refusing to acknowledge?

What if you and your body could be an incredible “A” Team, partners in life, your very best friend?

Uh??? I am giggling as I write this…the brat in me kind of enjoying stirring things up, rocking the boat (at bit…)…

Seriously, though….what if we could all be kind to our bodies by including them in what we do with them….not only with food, but our sexual partners, our friends, our clothing…..?

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