I had an interesting awareness this morning. I have a “friend” whom I shared an idea with and the next thing I know, they took the idea and ran with it without consulting me. I immediately went into the wrongness of them, judging them and what kind of friend is this that they would do that? What kind of person just takes another friend’s idea? So I POD POCed all that and then I realized that she is actually saving me a lot of trouble by letting me know where she is functioning from and so now I know. So yay for that.

I also got the awareness that maybe this idea was not actually for me at all. I was willing to ask some questions, like “Who does this idea actually want to belong to? Me or her?” Guess what? Not me! Hahaa!! Every idea has consciousness, but not every idea belongs to the person it comes through. We just have to be willing to ask some questions, like, is this idea for me to institute or was I just being the midwife to its birth and now this friend is the adopted mom?

But wait. There’s more.

Then I realized how much of that energy I was unwilling to be, unwilling to be that “kind of person” who would steal another’s idea, unwilling to piss a friend off, galumphing together being “nice” with being “kind”. When I was in the corporate world, I ran into people like this “friend” all the time. People who would climb over a dead body just to “get ahead”. I definitely did not want to be like them so I cut myself off from that. Wow. How much of me am I cutting off? What if I was willing to “be” that energy without actually having to “do” that energy? I wonder what I could create?



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