11262477_10152737689347471_8864555798229945550_oIn our ongoing viewing of the ‘Friends’ DVD series, we watched an episode where Monica and Chandler had their first fight. Immediately Chandler assumed their relationship was over. His experience was that fights couldn’t be overcome. Every relationship he had been in ended when they fought.

I have coached hundreds, if not thousands, of clients over almost 20 years and the one thing I have seen over and over in common, is how people resist speaking up for what is true for them. They would rather leave the relationship than risk offending or creating disagreement.

What if disagreeing with someone doesn’t mean anything? What if you are entitled to your point of view and so is everyone you meet? Where did we get the idea that if we don’t agree there is a problem?

I always ask my clients to stay when the road gets difficult, to be willing to talk about what is bothering them, that I will always find them “right” because often so many of us have felt wrong for so long.

If you knew you could never be “wrong”, what would that change in your life? What if instead of avoiding difficult conversations, you found yourself willing to speak what is true for you, without making the other wrong?

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