Meaning no disrespect, I have many friends and family who are huge proponents of AA. And for those of you for whom this might offend, this posting is probably not for your eyes.

I start to question: 1) where one refuses to objectively evaluate the efficacy of something, without standing back to see if it is actually true, 2) Irratiomal emotional attachment and fierce defense of it, 3) Anywhere one puts in place a power above us, that removes our own empowerment and ability to choose for ourselves, 4) deferring to a higher power or following someone else’s edicts.

Marilyn M. Bradford has been spending time with some of us in learning more about facilitating addiction with our clients. There were many amazing revelations but probably the most was that ANYTHING can be an addiction, if it stops you from being present and being empowered. Addiction to the wrongness or judgement of you is probably the most pervasive and subtle of all addictions…..when we allow the judgment of ourselves to stop us from being present, being responsible for our choices, for numbing ourselves, or from choosing something far greater.

What if instead of placing faith in a higher power OUTSIDE of us, that we could be aware that EVERYTHING in our lives is a choice we have made? Once we acknowledge the crappy choices we have made we can actually start to choose siutations, people etc. that work for us and take us towards the future we truly desire and KNOW is possible.

Gratitude for Marilyn M. Bradford, MSSW, MEd. CFMW and her amazing awareness and her book, “Right Recovery For You.

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