[title text=”Leadership?”]

In a recent article published by Forbes.com (http://www.forbes.com/sites/glennllopis/2013/11/04/the-4-most-effective-ways-leaders-solve-problems/) the author wrote, ”problem solving is the essence of what leaders exist to do”. leapsofimagination

I have a somewhat different point of view about leadership than most people. Rather than seeing problems that need to be solved, what if instead, a leader is someone who asks questions without conclusions to see what else is possible? What if the usage of the very word problem creates a bias and the sense that there is something wrong that needs to be fixed? What if instead of problem or problem, we used possibility?

For me, possibility creates expansion. Instead of recreating the future based on the past, we can create something entirely different. Are you actually limiting what is possible just by seeing things as problems to be solved? What if a leader is someone is willing to go beyond what has ever been before? Just my interesting point of view….

What’s yours?

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