babyworkingforyouSo my little guy Beau has been hiding again and I am so close to him that sometimes I get in the way of being able to ask questions and get clarity and awareness.

I am aware that right now, I can choose to be at the effect of something I have no say over (whatever Beau is choosing) which means I am destroying my own sense of peace and well-being, which changes nothing except have me feeling crappy.

Alternatively I can choose to not allow his choice to affect my sense of peace and well-being even though I don’t get or like his choice.

How many of us choose to be at the effect of our loved ones when we don’t like what they are choosing? Parents will try to exert power over their children to change their child’s choice, but the child might choose something far more subversive and not as easy to detect so they still get to control their world but by being in resistance to the one being imposed on them by their parents.

How much of this is being recreated at all levels of corporations? Government? Families? Wow right? Talk about a twisted communication structure.   I wonder if all of us could turn up our awareness on what has us choose what we choose to see if it actually is creating what works for us, or creating some kind of weird attempt at manipulating and controlling what we have no control over?

Food for thought?  

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