What is it to be mean and what is it to be potent? What is it to be happy? We are all trying to be happy and along the way, we make a mess sometimes in our exploration of this sometimes elusive yet delicious possibility. 

I am happy when I am with my cats. I am happy in my garden, in the forest, by the water, swimming, hiking, anything outside in the summer time, with the warm sun on my body. I am happy when I write, draw, listen and play music, dance. I am happy when I am with people who are willing to explore a different possibility, to explore a place beyond mind, to be infinite being we truly be.

I really wondered for a long time if I was mean because I was told that by my mom for as long as I can remember. To me, mean is someone who has a hardness to them, an unwillingness to be flexible, an unwillingness to explore the lies to get beyond them. They say unkind things to you. They operate from a Kingdom of me, versus the Kingdom of we.

Whereas potent is I never give up being me. Potent is when I am willing to let go of the masks and lies and be vulnerable in the good, the bad and the ugly of me and never make myself wrong for it.

The weird thing about judgment is that it doesn’t belong to anybody. So when you think you are doing judgment, or you think someone is judging you, is any of it true? One of the things that came to me recently is how much I was cutting off my world by eliminating people who I thought judged me. The truth is judgment is not real. It’s really just a function of how willing we are to be in question. The simple act of asking a question is a judgment destroyer. Just like that, wham! Judgment destroyed just by asking questions instead of living in conclusion.

This reality is being created with every choice we make. It isn’t in stone. It isn’t meant to be. It is what you choose it to be, choice by choice, ten seconds at a time.


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