How many times do you invite people to something you love and because they don’t choose it, you make yourself wrong or start to doubt your choice?

What if what people choose, no matter how much you care about them, means absolutely nothing about you, or your choice?

Choices in this reality are called “decisions”. Decisions here are perceived as a huge way to f**ck up you life. They are huge and significant. You are never allowed to change your decision or else you look indecisive. Looking indecisive is very wrong here on planet Earth. Plus once you make a decision, you have made a commitment and it is very, very bad to renege on a commitment. And then if you actually make a decision that is just for you, you get accused of being selfish and that makes you a terrible person.

How much of this is actually true? Is this light or heavy? What is true for you makes you feel lighter and what is a lie for you makes you feel heavy.

Would you like another possibility?

So let’s look at this again.

What if what you call a decision were actually just a a choice? What if every choice came with a 10 second expiry date, so you get to choose and then choose again and again and again? What if every choice was just for you, just for fun and you don’t owe an explanation about, or ever require defending, your choices or change of choices, to anyone?

I wonder what it might create in your life if you choose just for you? Might it create something greater? Might it create more ease? Less stress? OH NO! Might it create (HUGE GASP!) more fun? What if choosing for you is not wrong?

Consider this. Which of these is expansive and which is contractive?


It’s your choice!! What will you choose?


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