This program is for you if you wish to develop deeper mastery as a coach. It will assist you to develop a way of being with your clients that will bring out a deeper level of their connection to their vision and ability to create and act upon their intentions. If you are pursuing coach training certification at any International Coach Federation accredited school, I would love to speak with you regarding mentoring during your studies and beyond if you choose. How can I be of assistance to you?


Fellow Master Certified Coach, Fran Fisher and I co-hosted the first ever Essence of Mastery Summit April 2017. The response was so phenomenal that we decided to host this event annually! For details on the 2018 Summit, please click here:

Here are just a few of the TESTIMONIALS that poured in:

“Thank you so much for creating this Mastery series. They say the universe delivers what we need and today was the beginning of what I need personally & professionally. My coaching practice has been strong for years & is now going through a bit of a revolution or revitalization & today was my “energy wake-up call”. I have much to reflect on as a result of today’s call and I say that with much gratitude.” J.A.

“I am very much enjoying the mastery summit. What a terrific group of speakers you were able to line up and a cool way in which Zoom works for doing these webinars with multiple presenters and multiple interaction types. GREAT JOB!” J.M.

“Thank you for putting this AMAZING summit together. Last night was another fantastic webinar with Terri. You are some incredible team. The topics and the individuals are superb.” J.G.

“I’m just delighted with your summit Essence of Mastery Summit. So all such friendly, interesting and bright speakers. So much humor and deep support…” V.

“I have filled out your feedback form.  It doesn’t begin to relay how spectacular your Summit was.  One of my lasting memories from the Summit is your smiling faces guiding us, and the vibrant energy you displayed every day.  You are both such living models of the power of coaching.” L.Y.

“Thank you so much for the fruitful learning! Each and every master coach taught me something that I can use for myself and also share with my clients. These learnings will enrich my coaching practice. Many thanks!” K.H.

We have another stellar and full line-up of 8 amazing Coaching Masters, (including myself) for 2018, offering the opportunity to engage in question and answer, bonuses, MP3’s, and up to 12 ICF CCEU’s on topics all related to exploring Coaching Mastery. For more information, please visit

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