This program is for you if you wish to develop deeper mastery as a coach. This program will assist you to develop a way of being with your clients that will bring out a deeper level of their connection to their vision and ability to create and act upon their intentions. If you are pursuing coach training certification at any International Coach Federation accredited school, I would love to speak with you regarding mentoring during your studies and beyond if you choose. How can I be of assistance to you?

Fellow Master Certified Coach, Fran Fisher and I will be co-hosting the first ever Essence of Mastery Summit which kicks off on April 25th, 2017. We have a full line-up of 8 amazing Coaching Masters, (including myself) offering the opportunity to engage in question and answer, bonuses, MP3’s, and up to 11.25 ICF CCEU’s on topics all related to exploring Coaching Mastery. For more information, please visit

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