Outdoor Adventures & Retreats

Interested in spending cold harsh winters in a healing, nurturing environment?  We are now offering winter retreats in luxurious destinations. Length of stay varies depending on the destination. Please sign up to the right to stay apprised of our latest nurturing offerings. Click here to find out about our latest retreat offering.


Customized retreats and off-site workshops will allow your employees to gain a broader perspective and directly address the challenges and opportunities that your company is experiencing. We will spend time with you in advance of the retreat to identify specific desired outcomes and design our interventions specifically to focus on those.

We will work with you to:

  • Identify your specific challenges
  • Target measurable outcomes
  •  Customize interventions to address your key challenges
  •  Follow up sessions in order to sustain positive change

You will leave the retreats with a renewed sense of purpose, alignment with goals and individuals assigned to follow through on those goals. Sustainable change happens when important learning experiences are supplemented with ongoing coaching. This allows the insights, determination and enthusiasm to carry over after the retreat to ensure that good intentions result in action. Our distinction is that we follow-up all retreats with a minimum of 3 to 6 months of coaching in order to ensure that the learning has been deepened and that the change is sustainable. Change only counts when it is permanent.


Workshop: Workplace Intelligence

Navigating Difficult Conversations Builds Trust

  • Is team morale sagging?
  • Are results are not as powerful as you would like them to be?
  • Is your team mired in conflict?

Ignoring the Issues Will Not Make Them Go Away

Sometimes teams avoid conflict, thinking that it will result in confrontation and communication will deteriorate into power struggles and shouting matches. Messy emotional situations are usually avoided at all costs. There is this fear that if it is confronted, it will become personal and spiral out of control.

 Avoiding conflict, however, does not make it magically disappear. It merely hides in the corner until something triggers it and then because it has not been dealt with, becomes something even bigger and more challenging to deal with. The result is a hijacked team off-course with sub-optimal results.

One of the best ways to increase trust is for the team to experience that they can successfully work through conflict. Leaning into conflict, rather than resisting it, and squeezing the rich and powerful learning from it, is transformational for a team and each member.

 Our coaches will help team members learn to recognize the red flags that derail them, create team agreements to generate productive and empowering environments, and highlight strategies for constructive communication.

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