• A leader. You are the one with vision and guts. You know that you are up to something huge. You just don’t yet know what it is or how to make it happen. Your heart might even get caught in your throat when you think of it, but you have a yearning for it, making this world a better place because of you.
  • You have a creative project in you and you are impatient. You want it NOW!
  • There’s stuff you may have been struggling with – procrastination, time management, better communication, or being more of you in your life and at work. Maybe you have been struggling with health issues, like weight loss, or stress-management. You wonder what’s wrong that you haven’t be able to change on your own.
  • You are very hard on yourself. You feel alone, like you don’t have any support. You are tired when your mind goes into over-drive spinning on the same ‘song’.
  • You are at the top of your organization and know the value of having a trusted confidante, who will tell you the hard truth when no one else will and will champion you across mountains. This is the catalyst that would not only give you a quantum boost to your career.

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be? What part of your life have you not been able to change? Money? Sex? Relationship? Your Body? Your business? Your business relationships?

Is now the time to move past fixing things and surviving and into the life that you know is possible?

Would you like some tools and support to create a life greater than you can currently imagine?



Coaching and Facilitation can be either via Zoom, Skype, phone or in-person.

  • Private 1:1
  • Leadership Development/Group Facilitation/Team Coaching
  • Couples/Business Relationships
  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Mentoring New & Experienced Coaches

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“Annie gets results! As a mentor, coach and true professional Annie works diligently while maintaining respect & empathy to find clarity.  In her presence, positive energy flows, creativity abounds, and things get done. I highly recommend Annie, and I am moved by her commitment to excellence while making the world a better place.
In my opinion, she is an asset to any professional or organization and a truly wonderful person.  Hire her, and achieve success.”

Thomas Grieger Financial Services & Small Business Advisor

“Annie brought enormous compassion, understanding and authenticity to our coaching. With her support I have been able to explore and accept parts of myself that previously I have been too ashamed or frightened to face, but which were driving attitudes and behaviours that were destructive to my sense of self and to my relationships. Annie has given me tools that have become integral to how I approach my day. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone who feels the need to change how they feel about themselves.”

Kate Smith Strategic Brand Consultant, New Zealand

“There are not enough words to describe how I feel about the relationship we have had over the past 9 months. Your insight, your patience, your kindness and toughness have all been appreciated. I have learned, or maybe better, re-affirmed things about myself I had forgotten. You were there, your full non-judgemental self when I needed you and you helped me see clearly through difficult situations. I am making a difference and I can make a positive impact on all aspects of my life and I want to thank you for reminding me of how strong and courageous I am….”

Francine Piché Director, Human Resources, Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.

“Annie is a remarkable coach, possessing that rare combination of grounded skill and experience and the ability to be flexible and meet her client right where she or he is. Her listening skills are amazing and she holds her clients with deep respect and integrity. I highly recommend her.”

Karen Kimsey-House Co-Founder of Coaches Training Institute

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