Navigating Difficult Conversations TeleClass Recording


You have had them. I have had them. Most people avoid them. And not very many know how to navigate these choppy waters. Disagreement has become something to avoid. But what if so much more could come out of them? What if learning some skills would create greater intimacy in your relationships?

Come join me as we discuss this little-talked about topic. What would be possible if you could show up as you in these conversations?

$47 Cdn. for a 90-minute recording of of a live interactive call.


A testimonial from one of the participants from this call:

“Following the Conversations call with Annie, I felt a huge relief, and much more lightness in my body.
I had been very stuck in the current political climate. I was easily triggered and found myself digging into every article, post and video. It was creating a kind of ‘trauma’ that I had locked into my body.

Using the tools and techniques that Annie offered on the call, I have since released that trauma and am no longer stuck by the political posts and melodrama. I have experienced real change, and expansion that has given me more ease, and comfort in my body.

I am receiving more joy, more abundance, and more clarity.

I highly recommend this call if you are feeling stressed, anxious, fearful or stuck by the political climate or any other difficult, or polarizing things in your world. I also highly recommend it if you’re just looking to EXPAND and have tools for navigating better conversations and real interactions.

Loved it!”
Cheri L. R. Taylor



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