“Annie is a remarkable coach, possessing that rare combination of grounded skill and experience and the ability to be flexible and meet her client right where she or he is. Her listening skills are amazing and she holds her clients with deep respect and integrity. I highly recommend her.”

Karen Kimsey-House

Co-Founder of Coaches Training Institute

“Annie Gelfand is a highly gifted coach and a person of tremendous passion and integrity. I worked with her for a six-month period when I was eager to break free of some unhealthy patterns in my life.

Our coaching relationship far exceeded my expectations.

Annie helped me to see myself as someone with leadership potential — something that amounted to a total shift in perspective for me.

I would highly recommend Annie to anyone who is ready to embrace real change in their life; to anyone who is ready to answer Annie’s favourite questions — “Why are you here?” and “What do you want?” — honestly and without fear.”


Ann Douglas

Author. Magazine Writer., On-Air Parenting Columnist. Speaker

“Hi Annie! I just found out that my work wants to sponsor me for a 6 day leadership retreat at the end of the month. I’m really nervous but I’ve been working away at the application (I’m already confirmed to go though) and I just wanted to share one of my answers with you so that you can see what an influence you’ve had on my life.

“What leaders have had the greatest influence on your life?”

“One of the most powerful leaders in my life was a woman who lived across the street from me in my home town, Annie. She is a professional coach amongst many other skills and talents and exudes this aura of self-confidence, nurturing, and empowerment. I used to pet sit for her and eventually we developed a friendship and I have come to see her as both a leader and a mentor in my life. She is the first person that helped me to realize that it’s okay for people to have different paths/ideas than those around you, and that the right path/idea for you is the one that feels right. She helped me to find the confidence to make some very large decisions in my life, including the decision to pursue an educational/career path that I wanted to take but that wasn’t supported by some other figures in my life. Annie has always recognized beautifully that different people have different strengths and different ways to best tackle the world and make a difference. She inspires me to want to keep bettering myself, to keep learning for as long as I live, and to keep working hard to make a positive change in this world. I draw so much inspiration from her and I would love to keep growing so that I too can feel self-confident, nurturing and empowering and help others in turn to see their own strengths.”

Megan Collins

Aspiring counsellor and author Founder of yorkulife.tumblr.com, yorkulife

“Annie Gelfand has an uncanny intuition among other effective coaching skills that allowed me to find and “step into my greatness”. Her powerful questions encouraged me to acknowledge and grow parts of myself that have led to exciting changes. Be courageous – Go for it – Call Annie today.”

Pamela Van Nest

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach , Pvncoaching

“Annie gets results! As a mentor, coach and true professional Annie works diligently while maintaining respect & empathy to find clarity.  In her presence, positive energy flows, creativity abounds, and things get done.

I highly recommend Annie, and I am moved by her commitment to excellence while making the world a better place.
In my opinion, she is an asset to any professional or organization and a truly wonderful person.  Hire her, and achieve success.” Thomas Grieger

Financial Services & Small Business Advisor

“There are not enough words to describe how I feel about the relationship we have had over the past 9 months. Your insight, your patience, your kindness and toughness have all been appreciated. I have learned, or maybe better, re-affirmed things about myself I had forgotten. You were there, your full non-judgemental self when I needed you and you helped me see clearly through difficult situations. I am making a difference and I can make a positive impact on all aspects of my life and I want to thank you for reminding me of how strong and courageous I am….” Francine Piché

Director, Human Resources, Siemens Milltronics Process Instruments Inc.

“I wanted to thank you for your coaching help over the last few months. I really appreciate the perspective you brought to some of the challenges and issues I was facing. You helped me process what was once heavy and weighing on me and helped me make those issues light and easily manageable. You provided me with some perspective and simple to use tools that helped me address some of my issues directly with people in my life that led to very positive outcomes. I expect to use these tools over and over again and experience similar positive outcomes. For anybody looking for personal or professional coaching, I would highly recommend working with you. You have excellent coaching and guidance skills.” Professionals Yours, Peterborough

“I worked with Annie for the better part of the past year, and she coached me on both professional and personal matters. In the period of time following my coaching experience with Annie, I have experienced more personal and professional growth than ever before and I attribute much (if not all) of it to the guidance and help I received during my sessions with Annie. Simply put, she is an EXCELLENT coach who can help you discover (or get back in touch with) your own true self and use that connection to make your life and pursuits infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling. I consider Annie a trusted friend and ally, as well as a coach, who I can call on at any time I may need some guidance in the future. I would highly recommend her, without any reservations, for anyone who is genuinely interested in living and leading a more honest, complete and rewarding life.” Chad Dick (a.k.a. “Little Guys with Sharp Teeth”)

Partner, Eat Big Fish

“Annie brought enormous compassion, understanding and authenticity to our coaching. With her support I have been able to explore and accept parts of myself that previously I have been too ashamed or frightened to face, but which were driving attitudes and behaviours that were destructive to my sense of self and to my relationships. Annie has given me tools that have become integral to how I approach my day. I could not recommend her more highly to anyone who feels the need to change how they feel about themselves.” Kate Smith

Strategic Brand Consultant, New Zealand

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