(Warning: the following story will have much mushy cat love and graphic scenes of cat obsession. Viewers only for those who are also cat obsessed.)

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Viewer discretion advised…

Every morning I am woken by a cold wet nuzzling all over my nose and cheeks, finally building to a crescendo of a frustrated soft meow right in my ear if aforesaid pleas have been ignored. Often this occurs at 5 am and the subject (me) often turns over and pulls the sheet over my face. These evasive maneuvers often result in an escalation of creative attacks on said subject (soft paw pokes on the cheeks followed by pushing things off tables). In the end, the subject will acquiesce and walk bleary eyed to feed the perpetrator of alleged attacks.

After the perpetrator has satiated her appetite, she then scurries downstairs to commence the sequence of morning rounds to explore house security. The first stop is the storage room downstairs. Since she lacks the opposable thumb to open the door herself, she signals us with litany of detailed and lengthy meows to request back up assistance in opening door. When complied with, she rushes in to confirm that there are no lurking enemies (mice, etc.)

She then scurries to her next security stop: the laundry room and once again signals us to back her up (and open the door).

Welcome to my crazy world!

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