So many things come to me when I wake up in the morning!! The thing that I have been becoming more aware of is how uncomfortable most people are in their bodies. I can actually feel their discomfort and used to think it was mine. Cute not always bright. 🙂

So –

I am wondering what contribution can I be to people having more ease in their bodies?

Most people don’t get that being present is a choice. We have made so many things acceptable as “normal” distractions – things like money and business and relationship. How many times do you find yourself getting caught up in the significance of all those things and other topics, that actually take your attention away from the moment? How much can you actually change in your life if you aren’t present? How many times have I heard, “well that’s the way we have always done this”? How much can you create your future if you are recreating the past by doing what you’ve always done?

I am searching for those creative movers and shakers who get the possibility of a different future, not based on the past, but based on possibilities, based on joy, based on fun.

Are you that person?


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