If there is anything you don’t like about your life and you don’t acknowledge that your choice created it, you eliminate your potency.

What if instead of playing small or pretending to be a victim, you simply
changed your choices? We are always choosing something even when we hide it from ourselves. For any area of your life that isn’t working, ask yourself, “what is the value of choosing this?”

The bigger the choice, the more uncomfortable you may be. How much have you made comfort your priority instead of you? What might happen if discomfort weren’t a wrongness? What if discomfort were just a side effect of embracing your potency?

Telling yourself you don’t have a choice is another way you reduce your potency. Even not choosing is a choice.

Every ten seconds you get this magical gift of choice. Choose and then choose again. The beauty about choice is that it will create something which will work for you or it won’t. If it doesn’t work, try a different choice. There really is no such thing as a mistake once you realize that your life is simply a buffet table of choices.

Focusing on past choices stops you from creating your life. It’s like thinking about what you have eaten instead of what is waiting for you to taste that might be more delicious than you could ever imagine.

How many times do you stick yourself into a corner of either or choices? That’s like living in a world of black and white. Walk into living color!! Keep asking yourself, “what other choices do I have that I have never considered? What else is possible?”

You will be amazed at the insights that you will get when you are open to receiving them.


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