20131201-121819.jpgEverywhere you look these days, there is someone doing something that monopolizes the headlines, whether it’s Toronto’s infamous mayor admitting on live TV that he smoked crack cocaine, or some Canadian Senate scandal about another Senator spending inappropriately. There is just so much juicy stuff to judge the shit out of! And judge it to bits, the public is lapping it all up.

It has me wondering, what is this that people jump at the first chance to blame or shame someone, point an accusatory finger of almost intense anger and hatred? I watch my own husband getting all caught up in the media frenzy jumping on the bandwagon of making them oh so very, very wrong.

How many times have you been in situations with someone else where you would almost rather be dead than wrong? Everyone always thinks they are right, right? So who gets to be right and who gets to be wrong? Does the one who fights harder and shouts loudest get to be right?

What is this thing about being so unwilling to be wrong?

What if there isn’t such a thing as wrong, or even right?


What if right and wrong, good and bad is just a veil that covers our awareness like a distraction from what is actually true? And what if all that really matters is what is true for each of us, even though that may differ from person to person, like one likes dark chocolate and another likes milk chocolate?

What if NO ONE is wrong, just different?

How many of us are expending precious moments of our lives so distracted with judgment that we have forgotten to actually live the fun and adventure of life? What if all that juicy judgment is actually a distraction from living your life?

I don’t know about you, but I am choosing to live my life judgment-free. Judgment hurts my body. I watched my 87 year old mother live and die by judgment and it was not fun to watch. I ain’t choosin’ that. How about you?


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