Ladies, you know when you are being lusted after, when you’re in the subway or walking down the street, and you get “the eye”, you know that creepy feeling all of a sudden, and all your barriers come up around you, like a fortress of impenetrable protection, because you think that will stop someone from bothering you whom you don’t want to bother you. And if you are a professional healer, as I am, it’s such a weird energy that comes up and we have been taught we must cut off because we never want to confuse a client with our intentions. But what actually happens when we have barriers up, is that we cut off our awareness.

What if we could truly lower our barriers and in so doing, we never stop being who we are, we never cut off pieces of us and that allows us to know where people are functioning from because we are functioning from awareness?

I am listening to Dr. Dain Heer‘s tele class series on ‘Body Whispering: Your Keys to Conscious Touch: “When your barriers are truly down, you have an awareness of where something undesirable is….you wouldn’t have anybody come to you and do that because you would know before they were there and you would change it.”

I know that goes against everything we have been taught and what we have learned. I have been absolutely stellar in barriers up for most of my life. I am so consciously choosing barriers down, barriers down – being in total awareness so I know – you know – even before – because we are just that smart, capable and aware.

What if we could receive all of that without any point of view, without making it right or wrong or even significant and just say “hi. I see you.”? When we allow our awareness, essentially trust our awareness, no barriers, we will never even get close to any harm. We will know whose energy is kind and caring and whose is not.

Barriers down. Trust your awareness. Everything else is just a way of creating separation.


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