It’s really interesting to notice how much I have been using others’ judgment of me to validate my judgment of me, if that makes any sense. And then every time I learned something new, I had a point of view that others were more expert than me, because they were doing it longer than me, and discounting everything I know. Which isn’t my smartest choice.

1373468_10151629469202471_596157104_nI have known for many years that my journey is to know that I know and trust what I know over and above what anyone else tells me. Plus I have been a wonderful sponge at absorbing all the judgments out there in the world around me and because they showed up in my awareness, I made them mine. Also not my smartest choice.

What if what you know can only be claimed, owned and acknowledged by you and you alone? Where have you been absorbing others’ judgments and making them yours? What if they don’t belong to anybody and NONE of them are even real? Would you be willing to give up judging you as the ultimate judgable offence?

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