In a FB conversation this morning with one of my favorite young women (I have quite a few of you out there!), we were exchanging stickers back and forth and she said “sometimes I forget you’re an adult” to which I was immediately flattered. Why? Because she was willing to see me beyond what this reality has defined me as. That spoke to her ability to see beyond the obvious. It spoke to her willingness to be aware. It’s what I love most about young adults.

I know that there is no label that can confine or define me, no definition that holds for longer than ten seconds. I am changing so fast that whatever and whoever I thought I was has already changed just since starting to write this post. 


I wonder for all of you…If you were beyond definition of being a mom, a daughter, a teenager, a young woman or young man, a father, a husband or wife, a cancer survivor, or whatever definition of you that you have put yourself inside of, what and who would you be?

What if, right now, you had the magical ability to P*O*O*OF* magically disappear your past? What would you choose? Who would you be? What would you be? Where would you be?


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