We are so funny. Every time we begin any sentence with the word because or include it anywhere in our world we are giving ourselves reason and justification for a choice we made or will make. What if you have TOTAL choice as to whether you buy into the world of cause and effect?

What if all the ‘becauses’ are just an interesting point of view and you actually get to create you every ten second with every choice you have in front of you COMPLETELY FREE from the past and not bound by any because?

That’s my 6 am awareness. 👀😜🌱🌿


If we are completely free to create in any moment, in every moment, (this is where it gets super exciting!!!), what would we like to create? What reality would be fun?

The thing is that you only perceive YOUR reality anyway, right? You can see through YOUR eyes, YOUR filters. You may as well make them fun (unless of course you’re addicted to unhappiness and trauma/ drama, which is fine if THAT is fun for you. 😊)

What reality can we each create with every choice we have to choose towards?

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