Access Consciousness (TM) has been a deep dive into so much change so rapidly that it’s been dizzying. Access came into my life on March 24th, 2012 with my very first Bars class.

It’s been pretty much non-stop fun ever since.

I have been on a quest to know myself for the past 30 years, searching in everything from an MBA in successful corporate positions, to living in India with a Guru for 8 years, to training in multiple healing modalities, to finally finding Access. I was looking for me in everyone and everything other than me.

Several years ago, I realized that no one was the expert on me, that no one knew me better than me and especially, that no one had my answers other than me. Being a recovering heart-tripper, trauma/drama had been my familiar world until I became aware of how much I used this to distract myself from making choices and from living. Simply becoming aware that I was at choice to either give energy to the drama or not make it significant, immediately changed the events in my life. I was already a master certified coach and had great success in helping people transform their lives but there seemed to be something missing. Access’ tag line “Empowering people to know that they know” struck a chord so deeply that it motivated me to become a Certified Access Facilitator so I could be a more potent catalyst of transformation and consciousness in people’s lives.

Having just returned from Facilitator’s Training in Costa Rica and I have many new questions:

  • What is different now?
  • What is possible now?
  • What contribution can I be to the world?
  • What contribution can I be to Access?
  • What contribution can I be to you?

There are still remnants of the old “tape recorder” playing my top 10 tracks of “not good enough”, “they don’t like you”, etc. – tracks that have been on my hit list most of my life and perhaps most of yours as well. The key difference now is that my awareness is that I am truly at choice to either attend those very heavy thoughts or choose lighter ones that bring me joy and ease. I don’t know about you, but I truly love being playful, joyful and easy. Would you like to never again be at the effect of anyone or anything ever again? Will you join me in choosing ease and joy?

If you resonate with any of this, I invite you to ask questions too and especially to find out more about Access Consciousness (TM).


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