Our educational system and society is steeped in consulting experts, totally disempowering each of us from trusting that we know anything for ourselves. Intuition is actually discouraged from the beginning, by being forced by parents and doctors to eat foods that the body doesn’t like, to “suck it up” when your gut screams at you to leave or do something different, to take jobs or marry someone because “you never know when another offer will come your way” and countless other ways we cover up our awareness.

I know a thing or two about not trusting intuition because that has been my life-long learning: to trust that I know what I know. I even went all the way to India to study with a Guru because I thought he might be the expert on me showing me how to access me, only to discover that no one knows me better than me, no one knows what is best for me, better than me.

The ability to trust ourselves is not cultivated in our world.

Yet, it can get tricky when trusting you to know what you know gets confused with knowing more than anyone else. There are people out there who have knowledge and awareness that is unique to them and they have so much to offer and share with the world. Yet if one takes the black and white perspective that no one ever knows more than you, you might miss the gems of delightful awareness that could create a great deal of change for you, if you choose it.

So what am I actually saying here? What if it doesn’t have to be black and white? What if you can listen to what another has to say, without making them right or wrong, aligning and agreeing, or resisting and reacting? What if you take what works for YOU and leave the rest behind and then you make it uniquely yours because you add YOU to the recipe.

A friend and I recently had a conversation about the possibility of her joining a group (led by a facilitator) that might offer some insights into changing some huge areas of her life and  her response was that “I don’t want a guru.”

I wonder if there might be a truth with a lie attached here. Where do we misidentify asking for assistance and clarity in order to make our own choices, with giving away our power of choice to a “guru” or “expert” to choose for you?

What is your awareness?


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