People will have different points of view which you may or may not agree with. If you are attached to your point of view, you might find yourself resisting theirs which tends to turn into a tug of war of right and wrong. The way this reality works is to operate from this polarity.

I don’t know about you, but polarity and separation really don’t work for me. You can tell instantly where someone is functioning from if you feel expanded and lighter when you interact with them or contracted and heavy. Yes you are that magic that you can pick that up.

So now what to do when you notice the contraction and heaviness? What if you ask a question, like who does this belong to? Can I change this? What can I do to change this? Or interesting point of view they have that point of view.

All of these questions are designed to disengage the mind. When you aren’t attached to your point of view, you stop making yourself wrong. You stop making anyone else wrong. It all becomes just an interesting point of view that you can choose if it works for you or choose something else if it doesn’t.

The point is, would an infinite being choose heavy and contracted? Then why would you? — feeling curious.


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