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Have you ever had people in your life who have been phenomenal creators of crap? They just love trauma and drama in their lives. You know who I mean…the ones who things continuously “happen” to – either their neighbour’s hot water tank explodes and floods their condo, or their cat gets sick and almost dies, or they are sick for the godzillionth time this year? (Oops, that was me – until a few years ago – I just love poking fun of my old sh*t 🙂

Hey I am a recovering Trauma/drama queen…just sayin’ 🙂 I get it more than you know.

Seriously though – do you have people like that in your life?

Let’s face it: what do YOU know that they have been unwilling to acknowledge?

What if you could be with their choices as simply “an interesting choice to make” and it’s no more significant than that? Have you ever noticed that the more energy you give their “situation”, the more they get proof they are a victim? And you think you are being kind and sympathetic? Have you noticed that actually doesn’t create any change? What if instead, you empower them to know that it is their choice as to what they do and who they be, with the situations?

Hey, I get it. Sh*t happens sometimes. It is what we choose to be and do with situations that creates our future. There is an energy with every single choice we make. It’s either light or heavy. Our choices today create the energy of our future. Does that make sense?

So the next time you are in front of one of your trauma/drama friends, would you like to try something new? (WARNING: they probably won’t like you after this, since you aren’t aligning and agreeing with how pathetic they are, so if you are NOT ready to lose them, do not do this).


FIRST – Say to yourself “Interesting choice” and destroy and uncreate anywhere you are aligning with how pathetic and how powerless they are.

Remember – we are not here to change anyone.

THEN, you could say to them “you’re right! That must be horrible for you. I don’t know how you can stand it!” You don’t have to do ANYTHING.

– And then breathe – expand OUT your own energy.

Notice – how much more freedom have you now created for you? What if that space, expansiveness, freedom you be is a highly potent change catalyst, way more potent that aligning and agreeing with them?

What if the world we are creating is actually BEING the change we know is possible? BEING that energy.

Trauma and drama, whether it’s politics, relationships, business, etc. does not create change. It merely creates more of the same. You want change? BE the change.

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