It’s day one of my neuroscience advanced coaching course.

We finally break for lunch and more than anything else, my body is begging me to go outdoors and play in the sunshine with the trees and the grasses. “It’s downtown Toronto”, I remind my body. “We’ll find something” she whispers to me.

So off we go, following something beyond mind and there in the middle of the cement jungle is this sea of trees, branches flowing, leaves dangling, pointing towards me inviting me into their midst. I am filled with total joy and delight and walk slowly, very present with every step, breathing and being. I step gently onto a patch of mud left over from the torrential rain of the night before of and whoosh! I am flat on my back, my beautiful clean white pants streaked with black!! “Oh shit!! What am I going to do now?” when suddenly I bounced up from the ground and proclaimed “tadaaaaa!” to the horrified audience of other visitors to this oasis and started to laugh. I am sure they thought I was totally mad. I suppose in a way I am!!

I get back to the hotel and review my options. I can ask the hotel if they have a cleaning service but I don’t have anything else with me to wear so I would have to prance around in my undies. Not really so much fun for me. I starting asking myself questions, like “how does it get any better than this?” and “what’s right about this that I am not getting?” and then looked down at my pants again. What I saw wasn’t a streaked pair of mud-strewn jeans but a work of art.

I decided to not clean my pants and see if anyone noticed my artistic lunchtime creative activities. I took my seat without a word. The facilitator looks up at me and says “Annie are those new pants? I love them! Where ever did you get them?” I told them all my story and we all had such a good laugh. Everyone exclaimed “people pay lots of money to get their pants to look like that!!”

So the moral of the story beauties? Your point of view really does create your reality!!!

(and here is the photo of that artistic creation- my new line of artsy pants by inadvertent design; LOL!!)

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